Can your home help you to enjoy a more productive, happier, and inspired life?

LGA specializes in architecture with purpose.

We aim to offer intelligent and uplifting design, creating buildings that strengthen and foster both community and wellbeing.

Our work addresses considerations that are as fine-grained as ensuring protecting privacy for you and your neighbour and as massive as addressing climate change.

We are innovators not for innovation’s sake.

We deliver architecture that meets the present and future needs of our clients, affordably, creatively and sustainably—oftentimes in ways no one thought would be possible.

Laneway House and Garden Suite Advantage

The City of Toronto has recently approved Laneway Houses (and soon Garden Suites) – modest scale, secondary dwellings, constructed behind the primary homes.

LGA has been designing Laneway Houses for over 30 years and we are excited that this zoning change allows homeowners, as of right, to enhance their property values, generate new rental units, generate additional income, establish live-work opportunities, and create new housing opportunities for multi-generational living or unrelated friends to live in proximity to one another and, equally important within mature neighbourhoods.

Supporting Families and Diversity

There are many reasons why one may consider adding a laneway home or garden suite:

Add Versatility and Value

A secondary dwelling on your lot allows the homeowner to build a custom a home office or studio, or to garner a rental income that could subsidize a mortgage or finance retirement.

It’s a means to create additional housing without the extra land costs or ongoing condo fees and have certainty about the operating costs.

Home office or studio
Rental income
Finance retirement

Sustainable Living

Living with less is modern, thoughtful, and as the cities grow denser, necessary.

It uses less materials and is more energy efficient to heat and cool. At LGA we model both the embodied and operating carbon as well as specify the most energy efficient infrastructure to insure that each new project is brought to life in the most sustainable manner.

By replacing garages and cars with homes and people, we activate alleys as pedestrian thoroughfares and create pocket communities within established neighbourhoods.

We demonstrate why design matters with every project we do.

We’ll support you through every step of the process from start to completion. Marrying your aspirations with the opportunities of your site, the constraints of zoning, budget, the environment and schedule and the opportunities to live in a space customized for your lifestyle – today and in the future.