We believe architecture should be sustainable, beautiful, and built to adapt to the needs of future generations.

LGA Architectural Partners is a skilled team of architects, interior designers, and building scientists based out of Toronto who create sustainable, contextually-sensitive and socially-minded architecture.

Since 1989, we have been designing spaces that reflect the highest ideals and aspirations of our clients, while contributing to the healthy growth and vibrancy of the neighbourhoods we add to. 

Our research-based process supports an engaged relationship with our clients and their needs, informing the design of our work. We tell the unique story of a place and its people, through the careful shaping of space, and the resourceful detailing of materials.

310 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100B
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2E8 Canada

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What Inspires Us

Danny Bartman has been with LGA since 2000. He responds directly to his clients’ most critical problems by delivering meaningful and distinctive designs. Danny leads in-depth community consultations, visioning sessions and needs assessments that he uses to create the foundational concept and character behind each project.

The Steps (also known as the Casa Loma Steps). I’ve been jogging the path that zig-zags up and down the steep escarpment for years and the views you get from the cascading terraces towards the City and present day Lake Ontario at sunrise are sublime. You are trying not to step on left over debris from the night before, receiving nods of approval from the community of runners you pass by, and the whole time you can’t ignore that you are at the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquois. It’s a real Toronto moment.

Obsidian It’s the experiential installation at the AGO by Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi; a 25 minute continuous looping soundscape in a pitch black room, complete with reverberations, flashes of light and fossilized scents. It’s primal. You have to be patient with it. It’s a good place to go and dream about creating something new. The perfect post-pandemic piece.

Finding Fire It’s a cook book/encyclopedia on the culture of food and fire by Lennox Hastie that I can’t stop reading. It has got me experimenting with cooking vegetables (and stone fruits) over open fire, embers and in ashes; while learning how to read the different stages of fire. It completely changes how I look at ingredients and everything that goes into making a meal with family or friends. I love that you can do this in the great outdoors or right in the City at a fire-pit in your neighborhood park.

Spruce tips I started using the soft light green buds to add a citrusy, grassy forest flavour to beverages, salads, and desserts. They are one of the easiest and most sustainable wild foods to forage in late spring.

Omusubi Bar Suzume This is my go to lunch spot right now for Japanese comfort food at Scadding Court Community Centre’s outdoor shipping container market. The menu features a weekly special reflecting what’s in season and available next door in Kensington Market and it’s often an experimental blend of European and Japanese dishes. The way they are not afraid to break the rules and take creative risks is inspiring. It’s a weekly dose of pure invention.

Janna Levitt co-founded LGA Architectural Partners in 1989. She believes architecture is an essential tool for creating living, working, and learning environments that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Bees I love bees. We have 2 hives on our greenroof at our house. I’m a member of the Beekeepers of Ontario, and I recently went on a study trip to investigate the Ginza Rooftop Honey Bee Project with west coast artist Myfanwy MacLeod for Cape Farewell. Right now I’m reading “Nine Lectures on Bees” by Rudolph Steiner, the famous education theorist whose Froebel Blocks kindergarten play system was formative in Frank Lloyd Wright’s development as an Architect.

Exterior seating in Vienna I was recently in Vienna for Design Week and loved the series of pop-up seating that were constructed for the week. They took up a parking spot in front of most of the off-site collaborations. It made it really easy to find all of the venues downtown and created a nice extension of the energy into the civic realm.

Cake This summer I’m going to visit with friends who have built a house in Galicia. To get in the mood I decided to bake a Tarta De Santiago – the classic Galician almond cake. There are many tweaks to the basic recipe, depending on the region. I think there are at least 4 more Tartas to bake before July.

Lab meat I am really interested in the current biotech debate about “Lab meat” and “Lab leather”. Issues like what to call it and is it ethical etc. To me it’s a boiled down discussion about the role of technology as we move forward – do we need to abandon names like “notebooks” for digital devices and/or “meat” for synthetic protein made in a lab and develop a new language?

Dumplings We recently moved our office to Spadina, on the edge of Chinatown and I am LOVING it. I go past this window at least 6 times a day and am in awe of these two women. They are the Jedhi’s of Dumplings. I haven’t broken down yet and gone in for a bowl but its coming soon.

Brock James believes in making architecture that connects people to the history, nature, and culture of their #community. With over 25 years of practice, he has specialized in making child care centres, schools, universities and libraries that foster learning and are inspired by the realities of each place and its people.

Exploring South Etobicoke – some of my favourite spots are Humber Bay Park, Mimico Village, @theniteowlbarbershop, dinner at @Tichcuisine and the old Mr. Christie’s Factory Site

Bouldering at @BoulderzClimbingCentre in Etobicoke. I’ve started to climb with my family and we all have something to teach each other

Aldous Harding’s album “Party” – it’s quiet, simple, and heavy-duty

Imperial Festival London’s @ImperialCollege opens its doors every Spring – it’s a wonderful example of an academic institution engaging with its city, and a unique opportunity to engage with students about their groundbreaking work in #science #engineering and #medicine, all in a festival atmosphere with food and performances

Walking the Leslie Street Spit with my kids – a chance to talk about how the city changes.

Alex Tedesco is a certified building scientist who has been with LGA since 2000 and leads the firm’s building science research and development department. From conceptual design to final construction, Alex ensures that his client’s needs and aspirations are translated into built form, and that every building detail that leaves the office is designed for optimal performance and durability.

Coaching I’m enjoying coaching a competitive soccer team for young girls in Toronto with SC Toronto.

Olive Oil I produce olive oil in Italy every year and my batch from November just arrived in Toronto recently. This is always really exciting.

Fabrication We just moved into a new office recently on Spadina. As the space is coming together, I’ve been steel fabricating furniture for our new office. I’ve been enjoying getting my hands dirty

Dean Goodman co-founded LGA in 1989. His 30+ years of practice have been driven by a love and insatiable curiosity for design, construction and technology.

Book: John Steinbeck’s Log from the Sea of Cortez.

Food: @tacoselasador on Toronto’s Bloor Street. You can sit at picnic tables, be messy, and the people are so nice.

From Africa to the Americas Face-to-face Picasso, Past and Present” an exhibition at @mbamtl.

Cycling in the city – I’m looking forward to checking out @CorktownTO.

Fishing on Haines Island It’s part of a reserve off the west coast of Vancouver Island and one of the most beautiful spots in the whole world.